9/16/03 CCB Masters 2s

9/16/03 CCB Masters Practice 2s

With fins.
Alternate 50 any Short-Axis drill with 50 any Long-Axis drill.

We spent the first 15 minutes of practice working on underwater pullouts for breaststroke. First we practiced pushing off in streamline and rising to the surface. Next we added a pulldown to the streamlined glide — rising to the surface with hands alongside legs. Then we practiced glide…pulldown…sneak the hands back to streamline…rise to the surface with NO KICK. Last, we practiced the whole thing: glide…pulldown…sneak the hands up…kick to the surface.

MAIN SET: 1350
Swim 3 rounds of the following:
2 X 50 Freestyle @ :15 RI (Rest Interval)
2 X 25 Breaststroke focus on good underwater pullout @ :10 RI
2 X 50 Backstroke @ :15 RI
2 X 25 Breaststroke
2 X 50 swum as 25 Free + 25 Back
2 X 25 Breaststroke

Round #1: With fistgloves
Round #2: Nekked hands
Round #3: With paddles
All Rounds: Descend your time on each of the 50s.

50 EZ

1 X 100 Freestyle for time, from a push. You can wear any equipment you want. We had swimmers of roughly equal speed go head to head in their lanes. Everyone chose to wear fins. Times ranged from :56 to 1:08. I think a lot of people surprised themselves with how fast they could go.

At least 100 EZ swim.

Total Yardage: 1500, not including warmup