06/06/06 UV Rays Masters Cruisin’

About half of our swimmers competed in long runs or long triathlons over the weekend, so wanted to do kind of a cruise day today, with lots of equipment.

400 your choice, on your own

4 X 25 free, swimming 3 abreast in each lane to simulate triathlon start. If only 2 swimmers per lane, one swims down the middle.

MAIN SET: 1750
Swim 3 rounds of the following. The 50-50-50-100 free is a continuous swim with fins. The freestyle swim is separate and the equipment varies.

50 SA drill on stomach
50 LA drill on back
50 SA drill
100 Free
Freestyle Swim

Round #1: Drills are head-lead kick — dolphin and flutter
Freestyle Swim is 400 free pull with pull buoy and paddles, breathing every 2…every 5.
Round #2: Drills are hand-lead kick — dolphin and flutter
Freestyle Swim is 300 pull with pull buoy, breathing every 3.
Round #3: Drills are 2L/2R Fly…2L/2R Back…2L/2R Breast
Freestyle Swim is 200 free no equipment, at 85% effort. Controlled speed.

100 EZ recovery

Fastest lane had time to do:
6 X 50 free
Odds: On :50 sendoff
Evens: On :40 sendoff

Middle lane had time to do:
6 X 25 free with fins, breathing every 4 strokes and SILENT (did this as warmdown)


Total Yardage: 2350 to 2550