06/08/06 UV Rays Pyramids

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1600 + 100
Pyramid: 100… 200… 300… 400… 300… 200… 100

Most of the swimmers did this as a freestyle set. One lane of swimmers did it as an IM set, and they wore fins on both of the 300s. Sendoffs are flexible — decide by lane when you’re going to go. Be sure to get your time on each swim. Going up the pyramid should feel nice and easy. Coming down the pyramid your times should be faster than on the way up.

100 EZ recovery

MAIN SET #2: 400
Pyramid with fins: 25… 50… 75… 100… 75… 50… 25

Your choice of stroke and/or drills. One lane did the 25s as Fly, the 50s as Back, the 75s as Breast, and the 100 as Free. Another option would be 25s Fly, 50s as Back/Breast, 75s as BK/BR/FR, 100 as IM.


Total Yardage: 2600