06/14/06 Pull, Kick, Tether

Did this in a 20-yard pool.

WARMUP: 1000
With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin
80 flutter
80 dolphin
200 free/back

200 kick alternating breast, eggbeater and single-leg breast, in various positions

160 kick with Zura Sidekick as above

MAIN SET: 1800
Three rounds of:

40 with tether: push off, pull down, 20 head-lead breast kicks, 20 breaths eggbeater, 30 hand-lead breast kicks, turn, swim back assisted
40 with tether: breast resisted, turn, breast assisted
200 freestyle pull with pull buoy, no paddles, breathing every 2…every 5
200 breast pull with pull buoy, breathing every other stroke (use kick on 5th and 10th length)

6 X 40 with tether
Odds: eggbeater resisted for first length, then turn and swim breast assisted
Evens: breast for entire 40
#6 was an 80 instead of 40


Total Yardage: 3200