06/29/06 Breast Tempo Trainer Sets and Pulling

With Zura Alpha fins:
100 dolphin kick
100 flutter kick
100 dolphin kick on back
200 free/back

With Zura Sidekick:
200 EZ breast kick, throwing in some eggbeater and single leg kick

MAIN SET: 2700
Swim three times through the following. First round, Tempo Trainer was set at 1:60. Second round, TT at 1:55. Third round, TT at 1:50. Sendoff on all 50s was 1:05. Rest interval will vary. My rest was 12 to 20 seconds.

10 X 50 First 5 are with fins. Second 5 are no equipment. As follows:
50 Hand-Lead dolphin, breath every 5
50 Pulse Breast breathe every other
50 Underwater Flow (breast arms and dolphin legs)
50 Karla drill (1L/1R fly…2 strokes breast no breath)
50 Pulse breast breathe every stroke
50 Pulse Breast
50 UW Flow (Breast arms and dolphin legs)
50 UW breast kick (3 down/2 up)
50 Breast with an extra kick
50 breast

400 pull with pull buoy, breathe every 2…every 5 for free. Third length of every 100 is breast pull breathing every other stroke.

Today, it seemed like the ideal TT setting for me was 1:55. I was judging by how the final 50 of each round felt, and what the time was. The three final 50s breast were 43…40…42, and the 40 felt really good, almost easy compared to the others.

WARMDOWN: 2 starts from the blocks

Total Yardage: 3400