07/05/06 200s

Ran in a local road race yesterday so did a lot of pulling today to give my legs a break. Did this in a 20-yard pool. Lots of UW pullouts!

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin on stomach
80 flutter on back
80 dolphin on back
200 free/back

200 kick with Zura Sidekick, mix of breast, eggbeater, and single-leg breast

MAIN SET: 1600 + 40
Did the 200s on roughly a 4:00 sendoff.

200 with fins and strapless paddles — breast arms and dolphin legs, with pullouts

200 freestyle with fins

200 breast pull with pull buoy and paddles with straps, breathing every other stroke, with pullouts

160 freestyle with pull buoy and paddles

200 breast pull with pull buoy, breathing every other, with pullouts

120 freestyle with pull buoy

200 whole-stroke breast with pull buoy, with pullouts, 6 strokes per length

80 freestyle with pull buoy

200 breaststroke, 6 strokes per length [3:14]

40 free

40 EZ recovery

With long-belt slider, swim twice through the following, with at least 10 bobs between swims as recovery.

40 (20 eggbeater kick resisted + 20 breaststroke assisted)

40 breaststroke

80 breaststroke

Continuous 400 with pull buoy, alternating 20 freestyle (breathing every 2/every 5) and 20 whole-stroke breast

Total Yardage: 3000