07/21/06 Holding It Together

Did this in a 20-yard pool. Just starting to taper, but my race load is a bit odd because it’s 50-100-200 breast plus 200 and 400 IM. I need to maintain endurance and butterfly strength for the IMs, but develop some speed and ability to hold form while fatigued for the breaststroke events.

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin
80 flutter
80 dolphin
200 EZ free/back

BREAST KICK SET: 400 + 200
10 X 40 with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 40.
Odds: Breast with an Extra Kick, working on hips
Evens: Eggbeater or single-leg breast kick on Zura Sidekick

200 freestyle pull, breathing every 2…every 5

TETHER SET: 500 equivalent + 200
With long-belt slider:
1. Push off, pulldown, 30 head-lead breast kicks, 30 hand-lead breast kicks, turn, swim back assisted (breaststroke)
2. Push off, pulldown, resisted eggebeater for 20 yards, turn, swim back assisted (breaststroke)
3. 160 breaststroke on the tether

200 pull, alternating 20 back/20 breast breathing every other stroke

FLY/BACK SET: 480 + 200
6 X 80 (40 fly/40 back) on 1:40 sendoff (or approx. :30 RI)

200 EZ free breathing every 2… every 5

TETHER SET: 500 equivalent
Repeat the first tether set.

200 EZ freestyle pull, breathing every 3

200 walking & bobbing to within 5 yards of wall, then dolphining and flutter kicking into the wall to build speed for a race-pace breaststroke turn and pullout. Then walk again to the other end and repeat… for 200 yards.

Total Yardage: 3300