08/03/06 UV Rays Masters IM and Free

400 your choice, on your own

4 X 25 free, sighting at least 3 times on each length

8 X 50 (25 kick on your back + 25 swim)
Odds: Breast kick/Breast
Evens: Flutter kick/Free
On the swims, focus on getting your speed from the kick rather than the arms.

MAIN SET: 1000
Four times through the following. Each 100 free should be faster than than the previous one. Try to stay on a steady sendoff, e.g., fastest lane should be on 30…1:00…1:30…2:00. Other lanes might choose 10 seconds rest on 25s, 15 sconds rest on 50s, 20 seconds on 75s, 25 seconds on 100s.
25 Fly (or Fly drill)
50 Back/Breast
75 Back/Breast/Free
100 Free

IM SET: 300
If there are fins at the pool, use them for this set. If no fins, just do it with no equipment.
4 X 75 (Twice through: Fly/Back/Breast…Back/Breast/Free)

WARMDOWN: 200 to 400
Do a 200, 300, or 400 freestyle pull, depending on how much time you have. Breathing every 2…every 3.

Total Yardage: 2000 to 2200, not including warmup