08/02/06 Final Taper before Heading to Meet

Did this in a 20-yard pool.

No equipment.
40 dolphin
40 flutter
40 breast kick on back
200 EZ free/back

200 EZ breast kick in all positions, including some eggbeater

120 EZ Pulse Breaststroke working the hips and flow

FLY SET: 480 + 200
With Zura Alpha fins, twice through:
40 breast/fly combo
40 2L/2R fly…switch to whole-stroke fly
40 Karla drill
40 2L/2R fly…switch to ws fly
40 3 strokes fly…switch to free
40 2L/2R fly…switch to ws fly
Just keep everything nice and easy and clean with no splash

200 EZ pull to recover – free/back

TAPER SET: 600 of effort + 1000 of EZ swimming
On all the speed segments, I tried to work on relaxing the shoulders and the breath, and still getting strong, fast speed. Don’t churn. Just keep everything relaxed and strong.

5 X 40 Flow breaststroke with Zura Alpha fins on :45 sendoff [held 33 to 34]

200 EZ free/back pull with pull buoy

4 X 40 whole-stroke breaststroke with pull buoy on :50 sendoff [held 33]

200 EZ free/back pull with pull buoy

3 X 40 breaststroke on :55 sendoff [held 31 to 32]

200 EZ free/back

2 X 40 breaststroke on 1:00 sendoff [31…31]

200 EZ free/back pull with pull buoy

1 X 40 breaststroke [solid 30]

200 EZ free/back swim
120 walking and porpoising along the bottom, then porpoise and flutter into the wall to build speed for a race-pace turn, then pullout, then walk again, etc.

Total Yardage: 3000