10/07/03 CCB Masters Lotsa Kicking

10/07/03 CCB Masters

Our pool was closed last week for cleaning, and we have a lot of swimmers returning after summer break, so I want this month’s practices to focus more on drills and basics — balance, rotation, length — than on distance and hard intervals.

With fins.
4 X 100 Drill IM
#1: Head-Lead Drills
#2: Hand-Lead Drills
#3: Combo Drills
#4: “Swim”

MAIN SET: 1800
Swim 3 rounds of the following:
250 kick
5 X 50 Drill/Swim @ :10 RI
4 X 25 EZ/Fast/Faster/Fastest

Round #1: Backstroke. For the kick, do flutter kick on your back (slightly tilted toward your side) with one arm extended. You can take one “stroke” on the first length, two strokes on the second length, three strokes on the third length, etc., up to 10 strokes on the 10th length. Take the strokes anywhere in the lap. Focus on keeping the kick small and compact, and focus on staying balanced in the water. The drill on the 50s is 2L/2R (2 strokes left arm, 2 strokes right arm). Focus on showing each shoulder as you drill, then keep this rotation on the swim.

Round #2: Breaststroke. For the kick, alternate one length hand-lead kick on your stomach and one lengtyh hand-lead kick on your back. Focus on finishing each kick. The drill on the 50s is One Up/Two Down, which is nothing more than a regular stroke of breaststroke with an extra kick.

Round #3: Freestyle. For the kick, start on your back and take one “Single-Switch” on the first length, two switches on the second length, etc., up to 10 switches on the 1oth length. The drill on the 50s is Triple Switch.

100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 2300