08/27/06 All Strokes Getting Started Again

If you’ve been wondering why there have been no practices recently it’s because the the pool that we use for UV Rays practice is being renovated and is closed till mid September. Also, I took a break after FINA Worlds and have been doing more running than swimming.

Today I got into my local (20-yard) pool and just went a bunch of EZ, aerobic 200s, trying to work all the muscles and all the strokes. This would be a good individual or team practice in the first week(s) of a new season.

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin
80 flutter
80 dolphin
200 free/back

LONG SET OF 200s: 2400
No particular sendoff on these. Just change equipment, drink some fluid, and start again.

3 X (4 X 200 drill in IM order)
#1: Fins. Each length is one cycle 2L/2R Fly finish with Pulse Breast
#2: No equipment. 2L/2R Back finish with whole-stroke Back
#3: Zura Sidekick. Alternate 20 breast kick/20 eggbeater
#4: Pull buoy. Freestyle, breathing every 2…every 3. Open turns to practice crossing and tucking the feet.

#5: Fins. Each length is FAST dolphin off the wall and FAST flutter into breakout then finish with flutter. All on your back.
#6: Pull buoy. Backstroke pull with a fast cadence but not SPINNING cadence.
#7: Pull buoy. Breast kick on your back, alternating hand lead, head lead, and hands in the air.
#8: No equipment. Freestyle 200

#9: Fins. Each length is 2L/2R Fly finish with whole-stroke Fly
#10: Fins. Start each length with FAST dolphin into flutter kick for breakout, then 2L/2R Back finish with whole-stroke B back
#11: Pull buoy. Breast pull, breathing every other stroke.
#12: Pull buoy. Freestyle pull, breathing every 2…every 3

160 EZ, with dolphin dives and really EZ swimming

Total yardage: 3000