09-26-06 UV Rays Masters Introducing Some Stroke-Count Sets

We’re still getting back into shape after a 5-week layoff. Started to introduce a few short sets today, but we’re still emphasizing streamlined pushoffs and EZ swimming.

Palms-Back T Lifts X 20
“Goalpost” Spreads X 10
Palms-Down T Lifts X 20
Hands-Locked in Back Lifts X 10
Hands crossed in front, then palms up as you open the arms X 10

300 your choice, on your own

#1 Nekked
In the shallow end, push off one by one in STREAMLINE. Hold your streamline and rise to the surface in balance. No swimming! Try to get as far as you can on the pushoff, then come back to the wall. Do 4 of these.

#2 Nekked
8 X 25 with 4 bobs as recovery between each 25.
Odds: Backstroke
Evens: Freestyle
FOCUS: Super streamline, then kick into your breakout and start swimming.

#3 Nekked
100 EASY breaststroke
FOCUS: Get into streamline on each stroke.

#4 Nekked
4 X 25 freestyle at brisk pace. Count strokes and take your average as “N.”
Use a sendoff that gives you approximately :10 rest interval. (E.g., fastest lanes will be on :30 sendoff; middle lanes probably :35 sendoff, etc.)

Swim 4 rounds of the following (this will be twelve 25s) on the same sendoff you used above:
1 X 25 @ N-2
1 X 25 @ N-1
1 X 25 @ N

#5 Fins
300 alternating 25 body dolphin on your back and 25 freestyle
FOCUS: For one moment in each stroke, try to be extended as far as possible from lead fingertip to exiting fingertip.

#6 Fins
Swim continuously twice through the following:
1 X 25 Single-arm backstroke (left arm)
1 X 25 Single-arm backstroke (right arm)
1 X 25 2L/2R backstroke
1 x 25 backstroke
FOCUS: Rotate! Show both shoulders as you drill and swim.

#7 Nekked
Swim twice through the following:
1 X 50 freestyle with both lengths @ N-2
1 X 50 freestyle with both lengths @ N-1
1 X 50 freestyle with both lengths @ N
Don’t worry about sendoff. Just go when you & your lane are ready.

#8 Fins
200 alternating 26 body-dolphin breast and 25 dolphin kick on your back

#9 Fins
3 X 100 freestyle (don’t worry about sendoff)
Count strokes on each length of the first 100 and maintain that same pattern on all 3 X 100.
Focus: Extend!

At least 100 EZ, your choice

Total Yardage: 2400