09-28-06 UV Rays Introducing Some Fly


300 your choice, on your own

#1 Nekked
In shallow end, push off one by one in STREAMLINE, then do a breaststroke PULLDOWN (with dolphin kick if you want) and then hold with arms at your sides as you rise to the surface in balance. No swimming! When you pop up, come back to the wall. Do 4 of these.

#2 Fins
8 X 25 with 4 bobs as recovery between each 25.
Push off in streamline, do a breaststroke PULLDOWN ONLY, then continue to do head-lead dolphin to the end of the length. You can dolphin on or below the surface.

#3 Fins
4 X 50 @ approx. :20 RI
Swim these as 25 2L/2R fly and 25 2L/2R backstroke.
Focus: Elbows straight on the fly; rotate and show your shoulders on backstroke.

#4 Nekked
100 EASY breaststroke
Focus: Get into streamline on each stroke.

#5 Nekked
Swim twice through the following pyramid. No particular sendoff.
25 – 50 – 75 – 50 – 25
This is all freestyle. Try to hold your same stroke count on every length, even as the distances get longer (or shorter).

#6 Fins
300 alternating 25 body-dolphin breast and 25 2L/2R backstroke
Focus: RHYTHM. Maintain steady body rhythm on the breast and a steady body rhythm and arm rhythm on the backstroke.

#7 Fins
8 X 25 with 5 bobs recovery between each 25
Odds: Alternate 1 cycle fly and 1 cycle breast
Evens: Karla drill (1L/1R fly followed by 2 strokes breast with no breath)

#8 Fins
200 EASY, alternating 25 body dolphin on your back and 25 flutter kick on your back

#9 Nekked
8 X 25 free with 4 bobs between each 25
Take only 2 to 3 breaths on each 25.
Focus on tight streamline off each wall and kick into your breakout. Send your energy FORWARD at the breakout.

100 EZ on your own

Total Yardage: approx. 2400