11-02-06 UV Rays Distance Set with Tempo Trainer

Our Mastes team is having fun these days with the Tempo Trainer. We’ve done some sets with the TT in Mode #1. Today we tried a main set with the TT in Mode #2. If you don’t have a Tempo Trainer, this is still a good set. Half of our team did the main set with TTs, the other half did it w/o TTs.

10 minutes on your own

4 X 25 freestyle
Start from the middle of the pool and swim each 25 heading toward the deep end. Don’t touch the bottom or the walls AT ANY TIME. Tread water at mid pool until your lane regroups, then start a new 25.

2 X 100 EZ free to calibrate Tempo Trainer. Put the TT into Mode #2 and set it to beep at an interval where you hear the beep each time your feet hit the wall at the turn. E.g., if a comfortable 100 pace for you is 1:20, then you should set the TT to beep every 20 seconds. If your comfortable 100 pace is 1:32, set the TT to beep every 23 seconds. Etc. Our team’s range was 18 seconds for the fastest swimmer and about 25 seconds for the slowest swimmer. Most were 20 to 22 seconds.

MAIN SET: 1600/1100/800 + 400
Fastest lane did the 400s. Middle lanes did 300s instead of 400s. Beginner lane did 200s instead of 400s (and they did not use Tempo Trainers).

When you do the set, keep the Tempo Trainer at the setting you used on the 2 X 100. The idea is that you are holding pace and learning the effects of fatigue in a longer race. The most common observation from the swimmers was HOW MUCH difference it makes when you try to go just ONE SECOND faster per length. Most of the swimmers tried to go at a faster cadence on at least one of the 400s, just to see if they could hold the faster pace.

This set is tricky if you have a lot of swimmers in your lane. What we did was have each person input their cadence into the TT. Then everyone turned OFF their TT. The lead swimmer turned her TT on 20 seconds before she was going to push off. The next swimmer turned her TT on 5 seconds later. The third swimmer 5 seconds after the second swimmer, etc. The other solution is to have the second swimmer push off 5 seconds after the first swimmer and then the second swimmer will hear her BEEP somewhere in mid pool rather than at the wall. Ditto for the third and fourth swimmers in the lane.

2 X 400 with approx. 1:00 rest in between

200 EZ choice (NO FREESTYLE) with fins

1 X 400

200 EZ choice (NO FREESTYLE) with fins

1 X 400


Total Yardage: 2900/2500/2100