11/06/06 Getting Back to the Tether

After using the tether all summer to get ready for FINA, I put it in the bottom of my toy bag for the last couple of months. We’ve got New England Championships coming up in 6 weeks, so it’s time to get the tether out again.

Did this in a 20-yard pool.

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin
120 free
80 flutter
120 back
80 dolphin
120 free

With Zura Sidekick:
200 alternating 20 breast kick/20 single-leg breast kick

TETHER SET: Approx. 1000 equivalent
Swim twice through the following — all with long-belt slider:

Push off, pull down, 30 head-lead breaststroke kicks, 30 hand-lead breast kicks, turn, swim back assisted

Swim 20 yards eggbeater against the tether, swim back assisted

Swim 20 yard breast against the tether, swim back assisted.

Keep the tether on but put on fins. Swim 100 strokes breast arms with dolphin kick against the tether, then turn and swim back assisted. Focus on fast hands.

No time today for anything additional.

Total Yardage: 1800