11/15/06 Cold-Start 1000

Distance freestyle in not my favorite thing, but I’m signed up for an 800 free at next month’s New England Masters SCM Championships (anything to score points for the team). So today, I gave myself a get-out set: Do a cold-start 1000 and then a little bit more swimming, and you don’t have to do 3000 yards today. It turned out to be not so bad. After the first 300 I got a second wind and was able to maintain stroke count, breathing pattern, and flip turns. And now I know I can go the distance at the meet.

No warmup.
1000 freestyle, except that I did 40 yards of backstroke every 200 yards, just to give my shoulders a break and get some air.

200 EZ body-dolphin breast

1000 continuous with pull buoy, done as:
5 rounds of 80 free breathing every 3 + 40 breast pull breathing every other + 40 whole-stroke breast (with pull buoy) + 20 free + 20 whole-stroke breast

300 EZ kick

Total Yardage: 2500