We keep trying to make sure you NEVER have a boring trip, or have to go too far without being able to read SOMETHING about swimming. Besides, being a techy geek is a curse.

Because of all that, we’re launching a "mini site" created specifically for your cell phone. If you go there now, you’ll see there’s hardly anything there… which is EXACTLY the point.


If you’re like me, and if I’m stuck in an airport somewhere and need something to do, I like to read the news, or surf the couple of sites that are actually MADE for a cell phone. So, out of a personal need, we’ve created this for all of us.

DESCRIBE THE IMAGE We’ll be posting only the last 4 to 5 Drills of the Week, and a few Pics of the Week. For a while, we’re even including a bonus of some cell-phone-ready video clips. You may have to download those on your computer and transfer them over, but consider it our gift for those of you geeky enough to grab them (like me).

Enjoy, and we’ll keep trying to get you info in EVERY possible way we can. Suggestions welcome. 🙂