10/16/03 CCB Masters Tougher than It Looks

10/16/03 CCB Masters Tougher than It Looks

I apologize to Dave up front about this, but I kind of like to use patterns in my practices. The key to avoiding boredom when you use patterns, is to mix them up and try to make them interesting. One pattern that I particularly like is 25 – 50 – 75 – 100. You can do a million variations within this pattern and, as easy as it looks on paper, it’s very challenging aerobically. Because the intervals are short, you tend to crank up the speed, especially on the 100s. When I do this set I always think, ‘why not give it all you’ve got on the 100 because you can coast a bit on the 25 that follows it.

With fins.
Alternate 25 of any Short-Axis drill with 25 of either freestyle or backstroke.

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim 8 rounds of the following:
25 drill
50 drill/swim
75 drill/swim/swim
100 swim/swim/drill/swim
Go on an interval that gives you approx. 10 seconds rest after each 25; 15 seconds rest after each 50; 20 after each 75; and 25 after each 100. Be aware of your times (especially on the 50s and 100s) and try to make each even round faster than the odd round that preceded it.

Rounds 1 + 2: Swim is backstroke. Drill is 2L/2R (alternate 2 strokes backstroke with left arm and 2 strokes with right arm). Focus on showing both shoulders in the drill, then rotating on the swim.

Rounds 3 X 4: With fins. Swim is Body-Dolphin Breaststroke. Drill is Stoneskipper. Focus on keeping eyes down during the breath.

Rounds 5 + 6: Swim is freestyle. Drill is Triple-Switch. Focus on flowing into your turns.

Rounds 7 + 8: With fins. Swim is freestyle. Drill is Body-Dolphin Kick on Your Back in either hand-lead or head-lead position. Just crank it out.

100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 2500