01/09/07 Aerobic Workout (with some speed)

January training is always a little tricky for me because I like to do the One-Hour Postal Swim (which requires aerobic endurance and freestyle training) but I’m continuing to train for spring Masters Nats (which requires a lot of kicking plus regular speed work). Tried to do a little of both today.

This was a 20-yard pool.

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin
120 free
80 flutter
120 free
80 dolphin
120 free

200 EZ breast kick no equipment, all positions

Wear a pull buoy for the whole thing. Do open turns to practice tucking the toes under and falling back.
Swim a straight 1000, alternating 80 freestyle pull/20 breaststroke pull.
Breathe every 5…every 2 on the freestyle.

KICK/SPEED SET: 800 equivalent
With a long-belt slider (tether), swim the following as a palindrome:
* Push off, pull down, 30 head-lead breast kicks, 30 hand-lead breast kicks, turn, swim back assisted breaststroke
* Push off, pull down, 10 head-lead eggbeater kicks, then go to hand lead eggbeater kick to the wall, turn, swim back assisted breaststroke
* Swim 40 yards breast with the cord
* Swim 80 yards breast with the cord
* Push off, swim 10 strokes freestyle, then kick freestyle until you’ve taken 10 breaths, then swim freestyle to the wall, turn, float back assisted

FLY SET: 240
With Zura Alpha fins, swim EZ through the following:
40 Breast/Fly Combo
40 2L/2R Fly switch to whole-stroke Fly on each length
40 Karla drill
40 2L/2R Fly switch to w-s Fly
40 3 strokes Fly switch to Free on leach length
40 2L/2R Fly switch to w-s Fly

With fins, 160 real EZ dolphins and freestyle

Total Yardage: 3000