01/15/07 Kicking and Tether

Shoulders are kinda sore from pulling with paddles, so focused on kick today. Did this in a 20-yard pool.

With Zura Alpha fins:
80 dolphin + 80 back/free
80 flutter + 80 back/free
80 dolphin + 80 back/free

200 free focus kayak

MAIN SET: 2400
Three rounds of all of the following (kick and tether). Did 5 Rocket Launchers before each of the kick intervals.

200 alt 40 breast kick/40 eggbeater. Feet together on the draw.
120 alt 40 breast kick/40 eggbeater
80 alt 20 UW breast kick/20 breast kick on back

With long-belt slider:
* Push off, pull down, 30 head-lead breast kick, 30 hand-lead breast kick, turn, swim back assisted
* Push off, pull down, resisted eggbeater to the wall, turn, swim back assisted
* 20 resisted + 20 assited swim
* 80 on the tether
* Push off, swim 10 strokes free, 10 “breaths” of flutter kick, swim free to the wall, float back assisted Focus on kayak.
* Repeat freestyle

Round #1: Use a Zura Sidekick on the kicking part.
Round #2: Use a pull buoy on the kicking part
Round #3: No equipment on the kicking part

WARMDOWN: 200 freestyle pull

Total Yardage: 3280