01/16/07 UV Rays Masters IM Kick Set and Focus 50s

Last week our Masters group did lots of long intervals, which was good, but I noticed that technique was suffering. So today we did shorter intervals with lots of rest and lots of focus — and at reduced stroke counts.


200 free, hip drafting. Change positions every 50 (first swimmer goes last).

Middle & Fast lanes no equipment.
Beginner lanes use fins.

3 X 100 Kick IM on approx. :15 RI
Fly = Hand-lead dolphin on stomach
Back = Hand-lead flutter on back
Breast = Hand-lead breast kick on stomach
Free = 6 kicks left arm/6 kicks right arm
Focus: Maintain a balanced (horizontal) bodyline.

PULL SET: 200/300/400
With pull buoy and paddles.
Fast lanes: 2 X 200 free pull on :30 RI Descend.
Middle lanes: 2 X 150 free pull on :30 RI Descend.
Beginner lanes: 2 X 100 free pull on :30 RI

MAIN SET: 550/900/1050
Fast lanes do 12 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25.
Middle lanes do 9 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25.
Beginner lanes do 6 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25.

50 your choice of stroke – at a BRISK pace. Count strokes per length and take your average count per length as “N.”

6/9/12 X 50 choice of stroke on :30 RI. Descend 1-3 throughout, but take no more than N minus 3 strokes on each length.
Focus: Swim with control. Pick ONE THING extra that you will do on each 50. E.g., don’t breathe on the first stroke…be in balanced position as you approach the wall…extend your breathing pattern…take one more underwater dolphin kick than usual…head down and fingertip finish.

8 X 25 same stroke as above on :20 RI. Descend 1-4 throughout, but take no more than N minus 2 strokes on each length.


Total Yardage: 1850/2300/2550