02/27/07 UV Rays Masters Sets of 50s on Descending Sendoffs


4 X 25 free, sighting at least twice on each length.

MAIN SET: 2050/1900/1550
In this set, the 50s (25s for Lane 1) are the main event. The longer swims are active recovery. Each set of 50s is on a slightly faster sendoff. By the final set of 50s, you should be getting between 5 and 10 seconds rest.

Lanes 4 & 5 do entire set.
Lanes 2 & 3 do 6 X 50…5 X 50…4 X 50…3 X 50.
Lane 1 does 25s instead of 50s.

4 X 100 drill IM continuous – with fins
For drills, use 3L/3R for all strokes except breast, which can be body-dolphin breast.
Fly: Focus on straight-arm recovery. Don’t do single-arm free!
Back: Focus on showing each shoulder on every stroke.
Breast: Focus on steady head.
Free: Focus on stable arm out front.

8 X 50 on sendoff that gives you approximately 20 seconds rest

300 pull, breathing every 2…every 3

6 X 50 take :05 off your original sendoff

200 kick – your choice of kick and equipment

4 X 50 take another :05 off your sendoff

100 EZ with fins – your choice

3 X 50 take another :05 off your sendoff