03/08/07 UV Rays Masters Aerobic Distance

Several of our swimmers are getting ready for racing the 1650 or 1000 in two weeks. Others are getting ready for tri season. So the idea today was to do some distance swims at a very aerobic pace. We used a pull buoy for the 1000, and extended the breathing pattern by one stroke. Just stay aerobic and easy and get used to the non-stop distance. When you race a 1000, you’ll go back to your normal breathing pattern, which should feel really GOOD — lots of air.


4 X 25 free with porpoise dives in the shallow end

1000 freestyle pull, bump up your breathing pattern by 1

400 freestyle or 4 X 100 IM continuous with fins. If you’re doing free, try to maintain same breathing pattern as on 1000.

Lanes 4 & 5: 2 X 200 choice or IM nekked
Lanes 2 & 3: 2 X 100 choice or IM nekked


Total Yardage: 2500+

Lane 1:
10 X 25 freestyle, try to get past the flags before you start swimming

6 X 50 freestyle with fins, try to get your FEET past the flags before you start swimming

4 X 75 freestyle pull with pull buoy, try to get past the flags before you start swimming

2 X 100 free on 30 seconds rest