11/04/03 CCB Masters Descend 100s with Equipment

11/04/03 CCB Masters Descend 100s with Equipment

I’m not fond of sets like 10 X 100 free. They seem way too monotonous to me, and I never feel like I can push the pace. Here’s a way to do 9 X 100 free, but with some equipment changes to keep things interesting, and with enough active recovery between each one that you can push the pace.

With fins.
1 X 100 Head-Lead IM
1 X 100 Hand-Lead IM
1 X 100 Combo IM
1 X 100 IM

MAIN SET: 2400/1600
For the 2400-yard version, swim 12 rounds of the following set. For the 1600-yard version, swim 8 rounds.

1 X 100 freestyle Count your strokes on the last two lengths. Catch your time, then move quickly into…
1 X 50 6-Count Backstroke (as active recovery from the 100)
2 X 25 freestyle @ N-2 Take 4 bobs as recovery between 25s.

Rounds 1-3 (1 +2 if you’re doing the short version): Wear fistgloves
Rounds 4-6: Nekked
Rounds 7-9: Wear paddles
Rounds 10-12: Nekked. Instead of freestyle, swim your choice of breast, back, or IM. If you choose IM, make the 1st two 25s BK, next two 25s BR, last two 25s FR.
ON ALL ROUNDS: Try to descend the three 100s within each round.

100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 2900/2300