03/15/07 UV Rays Masters Stroke-Count Sets

Several swimmers are doing either the 1000 or 1650 at NEM SCY Champs this weekend, so this workout cuts the yardage a bit, and puts the emphasis on swimming long and controlled. The minus-cycle set makes you focus on pushoffs, streamlines, and turns.


200 freestyle, toe drafting off the person in front of you. Change positions every 50.

4 X 50 kick down… swim back on a sendoff that gives approx. :15 rest
Your choice of kick, but the swim has to match the kick.
Each swim should be faster than the previous swim. By the 4th swim, you should be at 80 to 90% effort. Try to get your speed from the kick, not the arms.

MAIN SET: 650/1000/1150
Lanes 4 & 5 do 12 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25.
Lanes 2 & 3 do 9 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25.
Lane 1 does 6 X 50, no equipment, then 8 X 25

1 X 50 choice at a BRISK pace. Count strokes per length, and take your average as “N.”

6/9/12 X 50 choice on 30-second rest interval. Descend 1 to 3 throughout AND descend by round.
1-3: Take no more than N minus 3 strokes on each length.
4-6: First 25 is N-3; second 25 is N-2
7-9: First 25 is N-3; second 25 is N-1
10-12: First 25 is N-3; second 25 is N
Swim with control.

100 EZ recovery

8 X 25 same stroke as above on 20-second rest interval. Descend 1-4 and 5-8, but take no more than N minus 2 strokes on each length.

100 EZ recovery

1 X 100 FOR TIME!! Your choice of stroke and your choice of equipment (or no equipment). Only two swimmers go at a time in each lane.

RELAY(S) if time.


Total Yardage: 1650/2000/2150