03/15/07 Starting to Add Some Speed

This workout incorporates the Go Swim Set of the Week from March 2nd, 2007. I gave this to our Masters swimmers who are headed to NEM SCY Champs next weekend. They looked like they were having so much fun with it 🙂 that I decided to do the same thing for my workout this morning.

With Zura Alpha fins:
100 dolphin
100 flutter
100 dolphin
100 free/back

200 breast kick with Zura Sidekick.

4 X 50 on 1:00 sendoff Flutter kick down…swim back.
Odds: Swim freestyle
Evens: Swim backstroke
On all swims, focus on a 6-beat kick.

MAIN SET: 1600
This is not quite a continuous swim, but almost. Before each of the FAST swims, you can take a little rest, but not more than about 45 seconds. The rest is the swimming is active recovery. Do the same stroke for all of the FAST swims. The recovery swims are choice — and you don’t have to pull them.

It’s important on this set to set some target times — especially for the 50 and 100. The 100 should be within about 6 seconds of your best time for the 100. Your 50 should be within about 3 seconds of your berst time for the 50. These are race-pace swims.

100 EZ
200 moderate (active recovery) [on all 200s, did freestyle pull with pull buoy/no paddles, with breast pull on 3rd length of each 100]
25 FAST; 75 easy [breast…20]
200 moderate (active recovery)
50 FAST; 75 easy [breast…39]
200 moderate (active recovery)
75 FAST; 25 easy [breast…1:03]
200 moderate (active recovery)
100 FAST [breast…1:23]
200 moderate (active recovery)
Was feeling good, so added another 100 FAST…..[breast…1:25]

With fins and paddles:
200 Pulse Breast focus wide pull
100 Free pull
150 Pulse Breast
50 Free pull

Total Yardage: 3000