03/20/07 Kick Set and Taper Set

With Zura Alpha fins:
100 dolphin
100 flutter
100 dolphin
200 back/free

200 breast kick various positions

KICK SET: 900 + 100
6 X 150 kick on 3:15 sendoff and with Tempo Trainer set at 1:75 (for the breast kick, not the flutter kick)
1st 50 is flutter kick on your back, then 100 breaststroke kick [various positions for the breaststroke kick — under water, hand lead on stomach or back, head-lead]

200 EZ recovery

8 X 75 breaststroke with a target time of 1:20
Target time is what you hope to swim for a 100 in a meet.
#1 and #2: Swim them in your target time. [went 1:20…1:18]
#3 and #4: Swim them in your target time minus :04 [went 1:16…1:14]
#5 and #6: Swim them in your target time minus :06 [went 1:12…1:10]
#7 and #8: All out, from the blocks [did these from a push…went 1:02…1:02]

First 6 X 75 are on approx. 2:00 sendoff or until you feel rested. The idea on the first 2 X 75 is to swim really easy and to focus on the fine points you want to execute in your race. Focus points might be head & eye position, hand entry, breakout position, body position going into the turn, finishing your kick, etc. As the swims get progressively faster, try to hold on to your focus points and execute them to the best of your ability, even as you are going faster and dealing with more fatigue. On the final 2 X 75, the focus points should be “in there.” Just swim.

200 EZ plus 2 starts from the blocks

Total Yardage: 2600