04/24/07 UV Rays Masters Kick Sets and 10 X 100


4 X 25 freestyle with eyes closed. See if you can extend the number of “straight” strokes on each length.

Lanes with Tempo Trainer do the following:
Set the TT at a comfortable rate for backstroke (probably 1:05 to 1:20).
3 X 100 alternating head-lead 25 flutter kick on your back/25 backstroke.
Focus on kicking to the BEEP. Take 3 kicks to every BEEP. On each BEEP you should be rotating from hip to hip. When you swim backstroke, focus on your kick rather than your armstroke. Maintain 3 kicks to every BEEP.

Lanes without Tempo Trainers do the following:
6 X 50, swum as:
25 hand-lead flutter kick on your side with face in the water, switch hands every 10 kicks
25 freestyle, focus on getting extended front to back with your hands on each stroke.

MAIN SET: 1000 + 200
Lane one does 7 X 100 choice or IM.
All other lanes do 10 X 100 choice or IM.

Swim the first 9 with no break, then take 60 seconds extra rest and do #10.
1, 2 & 3: use a set sendoff that gives you ~ 30 seconds rest
4, 5 & 6 : take 10 seconds off your sendoff
7, 8 & 9: take another 10 seconds off your sendoff
One minute extra rest!
10 is as fast as you can manage with your choice of equipment or no equipment, but you have to get your equipment on during the 60 seconds extra rest.

200 EZ recovery your choice of equipment

Do whichever kick/swim set you DIDN’T do at the beginning of practice.


Total Yardage: 2500