UV Rays Masters


4 X 25 breaststroke sighting. First half of each length is breast with head out of the water; second half of each length is regular breaststroke.

MAIN SET: 1800
3 times through the following:
100 kick (alternate 25 flutter kick/25 breast kick)
200 free, no breathing till you get to the flags! Descend time round 1 to 3.
300 pull, bump up your breathing pattern by one stroke

Try to maintain the same sendoff sequence for all three rounds. E.g., 15 seconds Rest Interval for the 100s, 45 seconds RI for the 200s, 30 seconds RI for the 300s.

8 X 25 with fins
Odds: Underwater dolphin kick on your back. Try to take at least 6 kicks before breakout.
Evens: Freestyle with 2 breaths per length

100 EZ your choice of stroke and equipment