Pulling It Back Together Again

Been coasting a bit after usms nationals and doing about a third of my usual yardage. Today was the first day that I’ve felt mentally ready to push myself again and go a bit faster. It felt good to get things moving again.

With Zura Alpha fins:
100 dolphin
100 flutter
100 dolphin
200 back/free

200 EZ breast kick, various positions

MAIN SET: 1600
Four rounds of the following. Descend time from round to round.

1 X 200 breast kick on 4:00 sendoff, using Zura fins as a kickboard, and with Tempo Trainer set @ 1.75. [descended 3:37 down to 3:30]
1 X 100 breast kick on my back on 2:30 sendoff, and with Tempo Trainer set @ 1.70. [held steady at 1:50]
2 X 50 breaststroke on 1:03 sendoff, listening to two Tempo Trainers — one set @ 1.70 seconds and the other one set at 21 seconds (my target pace time per 25 in a 200 breaststroke race). [descended 44 to 41]

200 freestyle pull with pull buoy (no paddles.

Total Yardage: 2500