Kick/Pull/Scull Set

With fins:
100 dolphin
100 flutter
100 dolphin
200 back/free

No equipment:
200 alternating 25 head-lead dolphin on your back (work the chest and abs) and 25 hand-lead breast kick (don’t separate the hands and keep ’em steady out front)

MAIN SET: 1600
4 X 200 on 4:45 sendoff
These are breaststroke kick (using Zura Alpha fins as a kickboard), except that there are two 25s of dolphin kick on your stomach that “float” through the 200s. E.g., on the first 200, the first and 5th 25 are dolphin kick and the rest of the lengths are breast kick. On the second 200, the second and 6th 25 are dolphin kick, etc. Focus on the dolphin kick was to keep the arms and head stable and steady right at the water line, and to really work the chest and hips.

4 X 200 with pull buoy and strapless paddles — no sendoff.
These are whole-stroke breast, except that there are two 25s of sculling that float through the 200s in the same way that the dolphin kick floated on the first round of 200s. Choose a different scull position on each 200. Ouch. This was a slow set and a strength-builder for the forearms and wrists.

FIN SET: 200
With fins.
4 X 50 on 1:05 sendoff
#1: Pulse breaststroke, pull and breathe every 4 pulses
#2: Pulse breast, pull and breathe every 3 pulses
#3: Pulse breast pull and breathe every other pulse
#4: Pulse breast, breathe every stroke
Focus throughout was to keep the hands and arms and head stable and at the water line for the pulses, and to use fast hands on the pull.


Total Yardage: 2600