Working on Alignment

Did this in a 20-yard pool.

Feeling tired today so went for some aerobic sets, working on different aspects of free and breast.

WARMUP: 1000
600 with fins, alternating 80 kick/120 freestyle, working on lifting with the entire shoulder/back area rather than just with the shoulder/elbow.

200 breast kick

5 X 40 freestyle pull with pull buoy, working on the shoulder lift and getting extended front to back on each armstroke.

MAIN SET: 1440
6 X 120 on 2:30 sendoff
These were primarily head-lead breaststroke kick on the stomach, with a length of freestyle that moves through the set. Focus on breast was to take a bigger-than-usual dolphin kick on the pull down and to hide the feet during each kick. Focus on freestyle was extending front to back and lifting from the back/shoulder

6 X 120 on 2:15 sendoff
Primarily freestyle pull with pull buoy, with a length of breaststroke kick that moves through the set. Same focus points as above.

10 X 40 freestyle drill on 10 seconds RI. First length is touch-and-go. Second length is extend the hands front to back on each stroke.
Odds: With pull buoy
Evens: No equipment

Single-arm fly with fins, alternating 3L/3R…2L/2R…1L/1R by 20.

Total Yardage: 3000