Saturday Practice – Aerobic Set

This set keeps you in the aerobic zone, so make sure you are focusing on some aspect of your stroke throughout.


Three rounds of the following on short rest:

1 X 400 free
Breathe an equal number of times to the left and to the right, but it’s your choice on how to achieve this. Choices might be: Breathe every 2…every 3. Breathe every 3. Breathe to the right on one length (or 50) and to the left on the next length (or 50). Breathe to the right on the first half length, then breathe every 3 and finish the length by breathing to your left.

1 X 300 pull, but alternate 50 freestyle pull/50 breast or back pull

1 X 200 IM with fins Legal turns! Try to take at least 3 dolphins off every wall before you start to swim.

1 X 100 kick (your choice of kick and you can use a board if you want)

WARMDOWN: 300 EZ kick

Total Yardage: 3500