Set of the Week – August 10, 2007

This week’s set integrates sculling with swimming. It will help you build strength in your wrists and forearms, and it will help you develop a better catch and pull in breast and free.

The set is 5 X 100, swum as:
25 scull
25 breaststroke
50 freestyle

The scull changes on every 100 as follows:
#1: Front Scull
#2: Overhead Scull
#3: Back Scull
#4: Sit Scull
#5: Heads-Up Scull

You could do one or more rounds of the 5 X 100. For example, Round #1 could be with pull buoy and paddles. Round #2 could be with pull buoy only. Round #3 could be paddles only. Round #4 could be no equipment.

Focus on keeping the elbows high and the fingertips pointed down on the sculling, and try to create a long, straight paddle with your hands and forearms. Keep this same high-elbow position when you switch from sculling to swimming.