UV Rays Alternating 400 Swim and 100s Drill/Swim


4 X 50 3L/3R freestyle with non-working arm extended out front. Keep the lead arm STABLE and pointed straight ahead as your stroke with the other arm

MAIN SET: 2100/1800/1500
Lanes 4 & 5 do the entire set.
Lanes 2 & 3 substitute 300s for all of the 400s.
Lane 1 substitute 200s for all of the 400s.

1 X 400 freestyle no equipment, focus on keeping one goggle in the water during the breath (look BACK at your arm as it exits the water)

3 X 100 BACKSTROKE with fins
Each 100 is: one length left arm, one length right arm, one length 2L/2R, one length whole stroke backstroke

1 X 400 freestyle pull with pull buoy, focus on extending front to back with your hands. Breathe equally to left and right, but you decide how to do this.

3 X 100 with fins
Each 100 is half backstroke and half freestyle, but you must use a different pattern on each 100. E.g., (50 FR + 50 BK) (25 FR + 50 BK + 25 FR) (25 BK + 50 FR + 25 BK)

1 X 400 freestyle with fins. Count strokes and try to hold your count the same for the entire 400.

3 X 100 with fins
Each 100 is swum as:
25 FAST flutter kick on your back
25 backstroke
25 FAST flutter kick on your back
25 FAST freestyle