12/04/03 CCB Masters Freestyle 50s @ N-3 N-2 N-1

12/04/03 CCB Masters Freestyle 50s @ N-3 N-2 N-1

With fins.
Swim 400 choice.

With fins.
12 X 25 with approx. :10 rest between 25s.
Swim your choice of stroke, but no matter what stroke you choose, start each length with 6 FAST body dolphins into a low, forward-moving breakout.

MAIN SET: 1700/1400/1100
No fins.
The point of the set is to “quiet” your freestyle by swimming several sustained rounds at lower than your normal stroke count. With each round you add one more stroke, but you get 5 seconds less rest. The final 2 X 50 are FAST but controlled.

Swim 2 X 50 FAST!!! freestyle with :30 rest between 50s. Count total strokes for the 50 and take the average count as your “N.”

Then, swim 3 rounds of the following:
8 X 50 free (fastest lane did 8; middle lane did 6; slowest lane did 4)
25 Head-Lead Active Balance
25 6-Count Backstroke
25 Triple-Switch Backstroke
25 2L/2R Backstroke

The 25s are done slowly, as recovery.

Round #1:
Swim each 50 @ N-3 (E.g., if your N is 40 strokes, swim each 50 in 37 strokes.)
Take :25 RI between 50s (Our fastest lane went on a 1:10 sendoff; middle lane on 1:30, slowest lane on 1:50.)

Round #2:
Swim each 50 @ N-2.
Decrease rest interval by :05 (1:05; 1:25; 1:45 for our three groups)

Round #3:
Swim each 50 @ N-1
Decrease rest interval by another :05 (1:00; 1:20; 1:40 for our three groups)

Finish with:
2 X 50 FAST freestyle with :30 rest interval
Take as many strokes as you want, but HIDE the effort it takes for you to go fast. You are adding stroke RATE and SPEED, but do it in a controlled way. No thrashing or churning.

200 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 2600/2300/2000