12/11/03 CCB Masters 10 X

12/11/03 CCB Masters 10X

With fins.
400 choice on your own.

Fast lane does three rounds of the following. Other lanes do two rounds. Do 50 EZ recovery before starting the main set.

2 X 25 FAST flutter kick on kickboard on :45
2 X 50 freestyle on 1:00/1:10/1:30 using a FAST flutter kick into a breakout that sends you FORWARD rather than UP.

MAIN SET: 1000/750/500
Fast lane does the 100s. Middle lane does the 75s. Slower lane does the 50s. Try to hold your times consistent throughout the set, even as you are getting less rest.

10 X 100 choice First three on 2:00. Next three on 1:55. Next three on 1:50. Last 100 on 1:45.

10 X 75 choice First three on 1:45. Next three on 1:40. Next three on 1:35. Last 75 on 1:30.

10 X 50 choice First three on 1:30. Next three on 1:25. Next three on 1:20. last 50 on 1:15.

100 EZ recovery.

With fins.
3 X 250 “IM” except that you swim it (continuously) as
25FL/25BK/25BR/25FL/25BK/25BR/100 FREE

1st 250: FL and BR lengths are Stoneskipper
2nd 250: FL is Head-Lead Body Dolphin and BR is Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back
3rd 250: Swim all strokes as listed (BR is Body-Dolphin Breast).

100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2600/2300/2050