Breaststroke Test Set Using Mode 2 of Tempo Trainer

Got a mini meet coming up in one month, so it’s time to start introducing some speed. The test set calls for a Tempo Trainer set in Mode 2. You could do the set without a TT, but it will be a little tougher to pace yourself.

With fins, 500 yards of dolphin, flutter, free, and back

200 EZ breast kick in various positions

Twice through the following with fins:
8 X 25 on :30 sendoff
#1: Fly/Breast Combo
#2: 2L/2R FLy –> whole-stroke Fly
#3: Karla drill
#4: 2L/2R Fly –> w.s. Fly
#5: 3 strokes fly –> Free
#6: 2L/2R Fly –> w.s. Fly
#7: Dolphin kick on your back, hands in streamline
#8: Dolphin kick on your back, hands in “pockets,” look at your feet, and make huge DOME with your kick

8 X 75 stroke (First 6 are from a push on approx. :30 RI; last 2 are from the blocks and you go whenever your heart rate gets back under 100.)

The goal of the set is to do a controlled descend, so that by the final 75 you are going at race pace for a 100. The first four 75s should feel long and EASY. The next two should feel uncomfortably hard and the last two should feel like…a race. Use a Tempo Trainer to help gauge your pace. You want to hear the Tempo Trainer going BEEP BEEP BEEP on every wall as you make the turn. Here’s how to set up the set:
1. Start by getting your Tempo Trainer into Mode 2.
2. Determine your goal time (in a meet) for a 100 in your choice of stroke. Let’s say your goal is 60 seconds in the 100 free.
3. Take your goal time and divide by 4. Sixty seconds divided by 4 is 15 seconds — 15 seconds per length.
4. Add 7 seconds to this goal pace, and that will be the setting on your TT for the very first 75 of this set. If your goal pace for the 100 is 15 seconds per 25, then your initial setting for the TT on this set is 15 + 7 = 22.
5. Each time you complete a 75, take another 1 second of the TT setting, so that by the final 75 you will be at 15 seconds (race pace).

I did this as a breaststroke set, with a goal time of 1:17 for 100 scy breast. So my descend looked like this:
1st 75: TT @ 26 seconds
2nd 75: TT @ 25
3rd 75: TT @ 24
4th 75: TT @ 23
5th 75: TT @ 22
6th 75: TT @ 21
7th 75: TT @ 20 [ouch. missed the final tone by about half a second]
8th 75: TT @ 19 [ouch again. missed the final tone by about 1.5 seconds]

500 breast pull with pull buoy, snorkel, and strapless paddles.
4 X 25 breast with pull buoy on :30 sendoff

Total Yardage: 2300