Almost forgot to post today. Don’t want people thinking I’m SKIPPING.

600 Warm-up.
Alternated freestyle and breaststroke

8 x 75 on 1:20
Nice set, I love mixing stuff up like this, and it actually helps keeps things nice and loose.

8 x 100 2 on 1:35 – 2 on 1:30 – 2 on 1:25 – 2 on 1:20
I went odds free, evens breast, and just make the intervals. Really started working on keeping my hands on the surface during the recovery, and keeping the kick nice and narrow.

1 x 100 kick
This was pretty cool. Hold a board on your chest, losely, face backwards, hold your head out of the water, and kick your feet out of the water on each kick, dolphin. We just did it for a 100, but it hurt.

Then we did RELAYS!!! Whoopee. My team did pretty good, and it was plenty fun. We had a great shot at winning the freestyle relay, so I really wanted to ATTACK the start…. well… maybe too much. FALSE START… and we all know… they don’t call you back at morning masters practice. I threw up my hands… then started sprinting, and was met with a bunch of laughter and jeers at the other end. Oh well. Merry Christmas anyway.