Breast Pull (Snorkel) and Breast Kick (Tempo Trainer)

With fins:
100 dolphin/100 free
100 flutter/100 free
100 dolphin/100 free

MAIN SET: 2400
The 125s are to simulate 100 scm. Each group of 125s is swum with one major stroke and one minor stroke. I.e., you do the major stroke for 100 yards of each swim, and the minor stroke for 25 yards of each swim. And… the minor-stroke 25 moves through the set.

5 X 125 with fins on 2:20 sendoff
Major stroke = Fly/Breast Combo
Minor stroke = Backstroke

25 EZ recovery

5 X 125 with pull buoy, snorkel, and paddles on 2:50 sendoff
Major stroke = Breaststroke pull
Minor stroke = Freestyle pull

25 EZ recovery

5 X 125 with Tempo Trainer set at 1.75, on 2:30 sendoff
Major stroke = Breaststroke kick on your back (kick to the BEEP)
Minor stroke = Breaststroke (swim to the BEEP)

25 EZ recovery

5 X 125 with TT set at 1.70, on 2:30 sendoff
Major stroke = Breast kick on your back
Minor stroke = Breaststroke

WARMDOWN: 100 EZ plus 3 starts from the blocks

Total Yardage: 3100