UV Rays Whistle Kick and Major/Minor Set


4 X 50
#1: 3L/3R freestyle
#2: 2L/2R freestyle
#3: 1L/1R freestyle
#4: Hand-lead flutter kick on your back.
Focus: Keep the lead hand steady and stable and pointed straight ahead.

Grab fins & a kickboard. Everyone starts kicking flutter kick on a board. Coach will whistle and point to a swimmer who has just turned at the wall. The entire team must kick FAST until the named swimmer has completed a length of kick. When the designated swimmer completes the length, Coach whistles and everyone keeps kicking but at a slower rate. Then coach whistles again when another swimmer turns and everyone kicks fast until that swimmer completes a length. This continues until every swimmer has been a “designate” swimmer. This could add up to 400 yards or more, depending on how many swimmers are in the pool and how tough the coach wants to be:)

MAJOR/MINOR MAIN SET: 1950 for lanes 2, 3, 4 & 5
Each round of 5 X 125 will put you in the deep end. Do an easy 25 after each round so that you start each round in the shallow end. Lane 1 should substitute 3 X 75 for 5 X 125.

5 X 125 with pull buoy
Major: freestyle pull
Minor: front scull

5 X 125 with fins
Major: body-dolphin breast
Minor: dolphin kick on your back

5 X 125
Choice of major/minor within your lane. Choice of equipment, too.