12/18/03 CCB Masters Something for Everyone

12/18/03 CCB Masters Something for Everyone

With fins or without.
Swim 400 choice on your own.

With fins.
Swim 3 rounds of the following:
4 X 25 in IM order (Fly/Back/Breast/Free) on :30 sendoff
No matter what stroke you are swimming, start the length with 6 FAST underwater dolphin kicks into your breakout. Focus on sending your body FORWARD (rather than popping UP) on your breakout.
1 X 100 IM on 2:00 sendoff (6 fast dolphins on each length is optional)

50 EZ recovery before main set

MAIN SET: 1100/850/600
Fastest lane does the 100s; middle lane does the 75s; slower lane does the 50s.

10 X 100 choice
First 3 are on 2:00. Second 3 are on 1:55. Third 3 are on 1:50. Last one is on 1:45.

10 X 75 choice
First 3 are on 1:45. Second 3 are on 1:40. Third 3 are on 1:35. Last one is on 1:30.

10 X 50 choice
First 3 on 1:30. Second 3 on 1:25. Third 3 on 1:20. Last one on 1:15.

100 EZ recovery before final sets.

With fins. All the lanes were done with the main set at about the same time, so we regrouped and did the rest of the workout together.
10 X 25 freestyle, taking only 2 breaths per 25. On the final 25, try to take just 1 breath. Recovery is 5 bobs between each 25. Try to relax and stretch out, with perfect strokes.

With fins.
4 X 25 freestyle
Odds: FAST freestyle (we raced each other, with two people in each lane pushing off at the same time)
Evens: SUPER-EZ recovery back to the other end.

At least 100 EZ warmdown

Total Yardage: 2600/2350/2100