Working Strength, Not Aerobic

Feeling tired from lack of sleep, so didn’t feel like cranking it aerobically today. This workout was mostly for strength.

With fins: 500 dolphin, flutter, free, back

200 breast kick, various positions

BREAST KICK SET: 750 + 250
Used two Zura Alpha fins as a kickboard. This isn’t much flotation and forces me to kick streamlined with face in the water.
15 X 50 breast kick on 1:15 with 6 Rocket Launchers before each 50.
Use a Tempo Trainer and increase the tempo by .05 on each 50. Go till failure — till your legs can no longer keep up with the beat. (I started at 1.80 and made it down to 1.10. My times dropped when I went from 1.80 to about 1.70, but then they held fairly constant until I was down in the 1.20 to 1.10 range, when my times dropped again.)

250 freestyle pull

Twice through the following, with fins:
12 X 25 on :30 sendoff