Kick & Pull Practice

Did this in a 20-yard pool.

With Zura Alpha fins:
600 mix of dolphin, flutter, free, back

200 breast kick, various positions

10 X 40 with 6 Rocket Launchers before each 40
Odds: Flutter kick with a pull buoy
Evens: Breast kick with a pull buoy

MAIN SET: 1200
With long-belt slider:
20 resisted head-lead and hand-lead breast kick + 20 assisted breaststroke
20 resisted eggbeater kick + 20 assisted breast
40 breast on the tether
80 breast on the tether

200 freestyle pull with large paddles
200 freestyle pull with medium paddles

Repeat the tether.

200 freestyle pull with small paddles
200 freestyle, no equipment

Total Yardage: 2400