Saturday Practice with Go Swim Set of the Week


8 X 25 with fins
Odds: Backstroke – start fast then ease off on each 25
Evens: Freestyle — start easy, build to fast on each 25
MAIN SET: 3200
The 200s are on approximately :30 rest intervals. The 50s are on apprx. :15 rest interval. Drill 200s can be a mix of any drill and/or kick, and you can use any equipment you want on the drill 200s. The swim 200s should be with no equipment. The goal is to descend your times on the swim 200s. Your goal on the 50s is to swim the even-numbered 50s at 200 pace. Beginner lanes could do 4 X 50 or 6 X 50 instead of 8 X 50.

4 X 200 (1st 3 X 200 are drill; 4th is swim)

8 X 50 (odds are choice; evens are best stroke)

3 X 200 (2 drill/1 swim)

8 X 50 (odds choice; evens best stroke)

2 X 200 (1 drill/1 swim)

8 X 50 (odds choice; evens best stroke)

1 X 200 swim

Drill Ideas:

3L/3R focus on steady lead hand
Breathe with one goggle in
Flutter kick
Single Switch
Triple Switch
Fingertip Drag
Pull with paddles – focus on high elbow catch
Bump up your breathing pattern
Hide your head
Free with dolphin kick (wear fins)

Pulse breaststroke
Two kicks/one pull
Breathe every other stroke
Pull with paddles and fins
Underwater kick

Single-arm back
Vary the position of your hand entry
Focus on maintaining 6-beat kick

3 Fly → Free
Fly/Breast Combo
Dolphin Kick
3 Kicks/One Pull

Those going to the meet should do at least 3 starts from the blocks.

Total Yardage: 4300

Personal set was:
Drill 200s: alt. breast kick on back/breast with extra kick or pulse breast, by 25 — with TT @ 1.80 [3:30 to 3:35 — sendoff was 3:45 on drills; 4:00 before the swim]

Swim 200s were IM: [3:07…3:02…3:00…2:59]

50s were on 1:00. Odd: back/free. Even: breast
No equipment on first set [:43 breast]…pull buoy on second set [:44 breast]…fins on last set [:44 pulse breast].