UV Rays Saturday Practice 01-12-0

We have several swimmers preparing for the One-Hour Swim this month, so we wanted to do (for us) high yardage today.


MAIN SET: 3400
Swim 3 or 4 rounds of the following:

1 X 400 pull on approx. :30 RI – with bumped-up breathing pattern (see below)
1 X 200 on approx. :30 RI – maintain the same bumped-up breathing pattern
1 X 200 normal breathing pattern, descend time from previous 200
After you get your time, go immediately into 50 active recovery, choice.
After your recovery, go quickly into the next 400 pull.

Round #1: Bumped-up breathing = every 3
Round #2: Bumped-up breathing = every 2…every 5
Round #3: Bumped-up breathing = every 2…every 3
Round #4: Bumped-up breathing = your choice but not your normal pattern On the 4th round, you can wear fins for the 400 and/or the 200s.

If you want to mix in some other strokes, you could do the first length of every 100 as fly, back, or breast. Or you could do this only on the 200s. In my lane, we didn’t want to do very much freestyle so, for the 400s, by round, we alternated 400 breast kick/400 breast pull with fins and snorkel. For the 200s we alternated 200 breast kick/200 breast pull by round. And on each of the second 200s we did 200 IM.

WARMDOWN: 200 easy – something other than freestyle

Total Yardage: 4000