Saturday Practice Using Go Swim Swim Set of the Week

WARMUP:  400

8 X 25 with fins
Odds: Pulse breast, breathing every 4, 3, 2 1 by 25
Evens:  6 dolphin kicks on your back, into easy backstroke

8 X 25 with fins
Odds:  Flutter kick on your back, hands at sides, rotate every 3 kicks
Evens:  Freestyle build speed

MAIN SET:  2300
Your goal on the set is to descend your time on each of the swim 200s.  Take an extra minute of rest each time you finish the 4 X 25 with fins.  Before you start the set, decide with your lanemates which drills you will use on the drill 200s.  If you’re doing the set as freestyle, e.g., you might choose to do the 200s as 50 of 2L/2R…50 of flutter kick on your back…50 of 2L/2R…50 of 4/4/4 drill (4 strokes fingertip drag, 4 strokes regular free, 4 strokes straight-arm recovery).  Decide this ahead of time so you can stay on a sendoff once you start the set.  

Beginners could modify the set by doing 100s instead of 200s…or by doing drill 200s followed by a 100 swim each time…or by using fins on the drill 200s (but not on the swim 200s).  

4 X 200 (3 drill/1 swim) on a sendoff that gives approx. 30 seconds rest on the drill 200s

4 X 25 with fins, IM order

3 X 200 (2 drill/1 swim) same sendoff as before

4 X 25 with fins, IM order

2 X 200 (1 drill/1 swim) same sendoff as before

4 X 25 with fins, IM order

1 X 200 swim 

200 EZ recovery from main set, your choice of equipment 
8 X 25 freestyle pull, breathing every 4 or 5 strokes — stretch it out.  Take 3 or 4 bobs recovery between 25s.

Total Yardage:  3500