Have Your Pull Buoy Nearby

WARMUP:  400


8 X 25 with fins

Get a partner.  One swimmer pushes off and swims regular-pace freestyle to the other end.  The other swimmer pushes off just after the first swimmer, and tries to PASS him/her during the 25.  Take turns being the tortoise and hare.

KICK SET:  300/400

Swim 4 rounds of the following.  (Lane 1 does 3 rounds.)  No break between rounds.  You can do all rounds in the same stroke or you can mix it up or do IM order.

2 X 25 your choice of kick and choice of board/no board.  Each 25 is half a length FAST and half a length NOT fast.  

1 X 50 swim in the same stroke as the kick

MAIN SET#1:  1000/1500

Lane 1 does the same set, but substitutes 100s pull for the 200s pull.

Swim 5 rounds of the following.  No breaks between rounds.  Use a sendoff that gives you approx. 20 seconds rest on the 200s, and cut this in half as your sendoff for the 100s.  E.g., if your time on the 200 pull is 3:10, your sendoff should be 3:30 for the 200s and 1:45 for the 100s.   Try to descend time on the 100s.  

1 X 200 freestyle pull, breathing every 3

1 X 100 free, breathe every 3 strokes at least once on the first 50; otherwise, breathe as much as you want.