Swimming Set of the Week – June 10, 2008

 This week’s set combines drilling and swimming, so it’s a win/win for both coaches and swimmers.  

As a coach, I like this set because the swimmers have to stop and rest on a regular and frequent basis.  This provides me with plenty of opportunities to give feedback to swimmers on a particular aspect of their stroke.    The drill/swim aspect allows me to see how well they are integrating the focus of the drill into their actual swimming.

As a swimmer, I like this set because it is physically AND mentally challenging.  

Swim four times through the following, IM order.   Take about 10 seconds rest on the 25s, 15 on the 50s, 20 on the 75s, and 20 or 25 on the 100s.     If you lengthen the set by swimming 8 or 12 times through, change your drills on each round, and mix it up by using fins for some of the segments.

25 drill 
50 drill/swim
75 drill/drill/swim
100 swim/swim/drill/swim

Suggested drills:

3 kicks/1 pull
Hand-Lead Dolphin Kick on Your Stomach

Flutter Kick on Your Back, rotate every 6 kicks

2 Kicks/1 Pull
Pulse Breast (add a full dolphin kick after each stroke of breast)
Underwater Breaststroke Kick w/ Arms in Streamline
Breaststroke Kick on Your Back

Wrist Drag or Fingertip Drag
Flutter Kick on Your Back