Breast Kick/Swim Set

 WARMUP:  700
500 with fins, mix of dolphin, flutter, free, back
200 easy breast kick, various positions

16 X 25 with fins on :30 sendoff
Odds:  Head-Up Dolphin Kick  — look at your feet and try to make a huge bubble with your kick
Evens:  Rotate through by 25…Karla Drill, Fly/Breast Combo, 3 Strokes Fly –> Free, 2L/2R Fly 

4 rounds of the following.  No breaks between rounds.  Used a Tempo Trainer set at 1.75 for the entire set.   Everything on 4:00 sendoff.  Descend the swims [went 1:58…1:57…1:56…1:54].

1 X 125 breast kick on your back, arms in streamline
1 X 125 breast kick on your stomach with a small kickboard (face in the water)
1 X 125 breaststroke